Silent Hill Remake Demo: The Journey

The Silent Hill Remake Concept Demo is now available for download! It is a complete project and will not be continued.

Welcome to ZTO, and thanks for checking this out! The following is a recollection of my personal experience making this game. It might be long.

I'm not sure where to begin, but making this game was a hell of a ride. It is now a part of me. Some people might look at this as another throwaway indie horror game (even being a SH remake) but to me its something I will always be proud of any look back on at how I started presenting my passion to the world.

5 grueling months.

I don't think I should get too personal, but I've been having a tough time with life, and I was ready to put the work in to change that. Although I've been practicing making games for years in my little spare time, I made the decision to finally do something more. Something for others. I asked myself how can I start off with something AWESOME but small. And bam, I remember Silent Hill 1 and its fans got no love on its 20th birthday. So I decided I was going to remake Harry's nightmare as my first completed project. Its actually something I wanted to do for YEARS but never got around to doing it, so it was a big step forward.

I had to do HOURS of info research and gameplay viewing (as well as playthroughs myself) in order to get EVERY detail about the original game as I could. Luckily I ran into the english book translation (Thanks to Ducky) and model extractions (Thanks to Gyromancy, I believe) from the OG game. Of course I wasn't going to use the actual assets, so I began tracing in 3d. This resulted in a 99% faithful rebuild of the world from scratch.  It was a truly intimate experience with one of my favorite games of all time. Seeing the ins and outs of the world through Team Silents eyes, and even partly walking in their shoes in my own way. Breathtaking to be honest.

Sometimes I can't even believe I got this done. Through working a full time job that sucks, taking care of my beautiful family. Swapping between 2 places to live every other day for half the development; I got this done. It was all taking an emotional toll on me, but there was no escape anyway, so I stuck to it.

I worked on it almost obsessively, every day. Taking a day or two away from it here and there (like a WEEK when Call of Duty Mobile came out lol) when I was feeling burnt out. But my goal was to get it done by the first minute of Halloween, but the intro wasn't ready, so I cut it down to just the ending part right before Alessa appears. I originally wanted to have an entire driving sequence matching the one shown in the OG game. With Cybil riding past Harry and everything, along with the Silent Hill theme playing from the radio as a weird immersive easter egg. I even got the motorcycle finished an hidden behind Harry's jeep in the 3D scene, but it would've taken far too long. I realized since Cybil isn't in the nightmare anyway, newcomers wouldn't see Cybil's significance anyway, and old fans already know what happened to her. On top of that, I wanted to include the conversation between Harry and Cheryl in the jeep that was in the Silent Hill novel, with my own daughter playing Cheryl. But that was too much and there was definitely no time.

Now when it comes to Harry's voice, I didn't know how to be him, as he lacked any sort of believable personality. So I gave him a bit of my own. I swear/curse a lot in my personal time. In hindsight it wasn't the best idea, so I'll be (or already have) updating most of it out. I did it because I also wanted to add some realism to the situation. If It were me going through this, I may flip out even more so. I don't think I'd lose to those alley grays either, they'd get punted over the fences. 

The last 2 days making this was so crazy. I stood up for 2 days (even through my 7 hour shift at a BUSY ass restaurant) just to make sure I completed it and tied all the loose ends. I was 8 hours late for my deadline, but the point is, I got it done. It's my first serious project, and I've got 2 original ones on the way. 

As wrecking as this journey was, I had a lot of fun. I put a lot of love and passion into it, and I'm so happy you all get to play it (or at least watch it lol), but I'm glad its over. My mind is at ease. 

Now its time to continue and reveal some projects I had put to the side before starting the SH remake, so stayed tuned for that. You can expect similar fidelity more or less. Thanks for reading all of this! Please ask all the questions. I'm ready to answer!

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Congratulations on getting this done.  Not only that, but it's interesting to read about the hectic circumstances going on in your life surrounding the development of this project.  I'm sure you had plenty of excuses to take the easy out and not complete this (work is too busy, family life is too demanding, this project is taking up way too much time, what if no one likes this, etc.) but the bottom line is that you completed it...not to mention the results are fantastic.  This is the type of work that inspires guys like me who are more prone to taking the easy way out.  Well done.