THANK YOU / Update on the way / Patreon

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who played or watched the game and gave me feedback, subbed, and/or donated; you guys fucking ROCK! It truly means the world to me to receive all that positive energy! As for the negative energy, NPCs will be NPCs AMIRIGHT!? Lol jk

I've heard your cries for light, and the next update will provide a brighter day time view, as for the dark alleyway, its staying the same, Harry's only holding a lighter and to be quite honest its already unrealistically bright, it just wouldn't look right if I increased that, plus its a horror game, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE COMFORTABLE!

As for 3rd person mode, it once existed in over the shoulder form, but had broken along the way and it just isn't feasible for me to fix that right now. I MUST move on to finish my original works. But I may revisit the demo when life is a bit more stable and add it back in, MAYBE including the original camera angles.

There will also be a small model viewer coming as a separate exe. You'll get to see what Harry, Cheryl, and the Grey Children look like in HD!

Lastly, I put my patreon link in the game and elsewhere, but there (at the time of posting this) isn't anything there yet. That will change soon. I was just so overwhelmed by the crunch time I put in to finish the demo that I had to take some time away from my computer entirely and live an actual life a little (although under some stress due to being fired from work shortly after release). But the break was worth it. Now as I search for new employment, I'm working on finishing a short teaser demo for my first original title: DEAD ENGINE

Once that's released in the next 2 weeks or so, I will then begin to start posting the patron only updates for the development of the full game (which will still be quite small compared to a $30 indie blockbuster like Soma , The Observer, or Visage).

Thank you so much for everything! Hope to see you become an operative soon!

Take care for now.


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